1. shebegb:

    I designed this sticker for my band!

    Buy ‘em for a buck at our next show if you’re in Phoenix, or wait a few months and they’ll be up in the store on our soon-to-be website.

    I made this!



  3. In case you missed it yesterday, my band’s first music video (made by Vicky) went up online! IT’S A BIG DEAL.

    Okay love you bye.




  5. Hey everyone! Grace and I have been working super hard for over a month to make this video the best it could be, so without any further ado… WATCH IT!

    Grace and her band The Darling Sounds obviously are the musicians, and I made the video.

    Much love,
    Victoria Jane


  6. helena3351 asked: Lesbian

    Yes, hello, I am here, it is me.





  10. shebegb:

    Work comics from the last two days. Proof that my job ain’t the pits.