1. extraeverythingcomics:


    I’m posting my comics at extraeverythingcomics now! Here’s yesterday’s daily. GB


  3. Follow my new comic blog extraeverythingcomics! It’s where I’ll be posting my doodles now.


  4. queernamesandoffbeatprofessions said: There used to be a comic or two about how Grace met her girlfriend and I was looking for it recently to show my new girlfriend. Despite scouring the archive of both this and GB's personal tumblr, it is nowhere to be found! Was it taken down? Is it hiding somewhere? Any way I could get a link? That panel of GB straddling her is the best!

    http://mixedupjournals.tumblr.com/post/50669043673/today-is-my-two-year-fuckiversary-with-my this maybe? There’s some straddling going on all up in here. If this isn’t the right one I have a guess and can search for another one that I have in mind. I’m so glad you like my doodles enough to want to ADAMANTLY HUNT THEM DOWN.


  5. shebegb:

    I’m here, I’m queer, I’m ready to party.

    GB + tiny crooked peek at our office.


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