1. 7.22.14.


  2. 7.20.14.


  3. 7.19.14


  4. Hi I’m going to try to get back to doing these most days.



  5. Quick sloppy comic about how I’ve been feeling lately.



  6. Vicky and I moved in together last month. The other night we were discussing how poor we are and what a sitcom about it would be like. So. This.



  7. Crowe knows what Crowe likes.


  8. shebegb:

    Every time I do a favor for my roommate, Victoria Jane, she brings me home spinach meatball cheesy garlic bread from her work. And thus, with a few small favors, capitalism met its demise as Grace and Vicky shifted the US economy to a feudalist bartering system, valuing garlic bread above precious metals.


  9. Soft butch olympics.



  10. shebegb:

    My hair flip has been super glorious all day. I really understand the essence of this emoji now 💁.